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We are a dynamic group of people passionate about aviation, training and human progress. Our goal is to come up with new, innovative solutions to improve safety, efficiency and quality of wide variety of projects. As with our previous endeavours our main targets are thorough analysis of the projects, comprehensive discussion with our clients and custom-built solutions including support at all levels of development and implementation. We are always looking forward to making a better and safer future for all of us.

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Martin Mašát

Managing Partner

Martin has been involved in aviation for more than 18 years, of which 11 years has been actively training new pilots.
During his career, he co-founded a flight school, held the position of Chief Flight Instructor, built an aircraft, or developed training procedures and materials for one of the world's largest airlines.
He currently flies as a captain of a Boeing 737NG and participates in the training of new instructors.
He brings a lot of innovative ideas to VRT and oversees their professional implementation.

Ondřej Běláč

Managing Partner

Ondra got into aviation more than 18 years ago. He went through several flight organisations, where he not only participated in the training of new pilots, but also in the administration and development of a flight school. He also has a considerable experience with type simulator training of new pilots.
He is currently flying a Boeing 737NG and developing modern teaching materials.
You can meet Ondra mainly in Barcelona, where he leads our Spanish department.

Filip Shrbený

Managing Partner

Filip has more than 11 years of active experience with flight training. During his career, he worked as an operator of unmanned aircraft, was engaged in the creation of videos and the development of the IT system or was in charge of running the flight school.
Now he flies a Business Jet around Europe and teaches new pilots how to fly.
As the company's cofounder, he is responsible for project management, customer relations and the development of IT systems.



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